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Our services

Search and Placement of Art

Are you looking for a unique and exciting artwork for your project? Whether it's a painting, sculpture, or even a monumental sculpture, we will find the right fit for your design criteria, color scheme, and budget. With our nearly unlimited access to galleries, dealers, and artists worldwide, we will find what you are looking for.

Design and Creating Artwork

If you are looking for a unique custom-made artwork, we can design and commission an artist for you. Our design team will facilitate the blending of creative ideas and talents to create an artwork that is specific to your intended environment.

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Project Management

We oversee and manage all aspects of your project from beginning to end. We will create for you concept drawings, detailed budgets, and timeline schedules. Our team provides the highest standard of production and task flow. We emphasize successful communication between our team members and yours in order to create the best and most enjoyable working experience.

Onsite + Online Presentation

We provide onsite and online presentations to offer our clients the best selection of artworks and to visually demonstrate how the artworks will integrate within the specific environment. For unique and monumental sculptures, we provide animated 3D CAD renderings to better facilitate communication.

Custom Frame Consultation

Custom framing can be a nightmare! We are here to help you choose a frame that harmonizes with your designed space. Our extensive knowledge of archival mounting, matting, and special hanging hardware will not only help you enhance your artwork but will protect it as well.

Delivery / Shipping / Installation

We provide professional consultation and services for all aspects of art handling including packing, crating, shipping, delivery and installation.

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