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"Reflections" at Lincoln Avenue - San Jose, CA

"Reflections" - we recently installed this wind sculpture on Lincoln Avenue in the Willow Glenn neighborhood of San Jose, CA. Ths is a busy street with small shops, boutiques, restaurants and cafes. Local people as well as office workers from downtown enjoy the leisurely atmosphere and come here to stroll, relax and dine.


This sculpture was commissioned by the city of San Jose to add a visual focal point in order to create more pedestrian friendly environtment on the sidewalk. 


The all stainless steel sculpture is placed so that the moving elements reflect the sun light in a jewel like pattern. At night it reflects a rainbow of colors from the colored lights of the old theater marquee behind it. 

Completed: 2014

Material: Stainless Steel


4 1/2'w x 4 1/2'd x 17'h


Lincoln Ave, San Jose, CA

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