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Toru Sugita


Toru Sugita, originally from Japan, is known for his black and white intaglio and wood engraving prints with strong architectural elements. His prints can be found in various public collections including the Fine Art Museum of San Francisco.


Toru spent time traveling extensively throughout Latin America and the Middle East finally establishing a residence in San Francisco, California. He received a Master of Fine Arts in printmaking from San Francisco State University and in 2009 he became a faculty member at Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, California.



 “I feel moved when sunlight touches an object in the afternoon and visualize the space around me. I walk out and wander around to observe shapes of shadows. I realize that shadows make spaces visible. I find myself in the spaces enjoying architecture delineated by sunlight. Buildings and their shadows are layered and blended together creating momentary beauty of colors and shapes. These scenes are temporary, and will change or disappear in the next moment. They are very precious because their occurrence is the unique combination of a place, sunlight, and the precise moment I happen upon the scene – like an eclipse.  


I spontaneously use photography to capture visual information like quick sketches. Camera documents specific moment of ever changing shapes and spaces. Although capturing the moment is quick, when I create works of art, I choose time-consuming autographical method in transferring information from the photograph. During the process of depicting information, I become involved deeply and identifying myself as a part of the space. I note that nothing is permanent and everything is constantly changing: light, cityscape and myself.”


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