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Michael Szabo


Michael Szabo earned his degree from Rhode Island School of Design.  After graduating, he spent three years as the director of the Metals Division at Summit Springs Design in Woodside, CA before founding SzaboWorks and establishing his studio practice in San Francisco.  Beyond his early series of hand crafted sculptural vessels, Michael has gained recognition for his unique sculpture, water features and architectural scale installations.  His work has been commissioned and exhibited nationally by galleries, museums, and private collectors.

Working predominantly with alternative metal fabrication techniques, his process is based on a philosophy of exploration and learning, often yielding abstract yet familiar forms that hint at nature’s process of generative development. While in recent years Michael's focus has been on large scale site-specific sculpture in public and private settings, his ongoing devotion to the solitary process of sculpture and object-making informs and inspires everything that comes out of the SzaboWorks studio.  

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