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We are always looking for new artists to be included in our database as well as in our website. Please read the following instruction carefully before you submit your work.


Our clients are architects, interior designers, property developers, property owners, private art collectors and government agencies. There will be many opportunities for artists to sell their artwork or work with our consulting team to create a site-specific commission work. We encourage all artists who are interested in working with us to contact our firm and submit your qualification.


Our mission is to create a wide variety of artists in our database, which will be used to assist our clients finding the right artwork for their project. This database is a resource for our consulting team and may be used to share with our clients. We are not an art gallery or artist representative and we do not represent our artists exclusively or have an obligation to promote the artists’ work. Submitting your work does not guarantee the sale of artwork or exclusive promotion.



Type of artwork we are looking for: Contemporary artwork in various art medium


  • 2 Dimensional artworks: paintings, drawings, print makings, mixed media, photographs and digital art


  • 3 Dimensional artworks: sculptures in metal, wood, ceramics, glass, and textile. 


  • Public art: monumental sculptures, landscape (environmental) art, water fountains, architectural elements, and interactive art (digital / video / motion / sound / light).



What to submit:


If you have a website, please email us the link to your site. This is our preferable method of reviewing your artwork. If your artwork is approved, we will ask you to submit other materials.


If you do not have a website, please email us 5-10 images of your current artworks.

The images should be in jpg format in small size (less than 500Kb each) for an easy and faster viewing. Please also submit the following information about yourself: Current resume, contact information (name, address, email and phone numbers) art medium (if multiple, please list all), and image description (title, medium, size and retail price).


Please do not submit CDs, slides or original artwork by mail. Your submission will not be reviewed and your materials will not be returned.


If you have any questions, please contact us at or

call us at 415-671-6113.

Artist Submissions

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